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Ocean Park

Running time: 15 minutes

Cast (1 female, 1 male)


While vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, a couple celebrates 50 years of marriage as they face a reality beyond their control.

Rome In Love

Running time: 12 minutes

Cast (1 female, 2 males)

Affections are complicated by sudden loss and the relentless desire of lovers to cling to their past.


Running time: 15 minutes

Cast: 1 female, 3 males


A Sudanese couple is forced to confront the mayhem that haunts their village and threatens to destroy their family.

*This play was later developed into the full-length work "When Night Falls"

Goldstar Mother

The reality of war threatens to destroy a couple as their faith is put to the ultimate test.


One Act. Running Time: 30 minutes

Cast: 1 male, 1 female

The Panacea

A gay man seeks the help of a therapist to "cure" his sexuality through conversion therapy.  


One Act. RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes

Cast  (2 males, 1 female)

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