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"Robinson does a good job of intertwining heart-wrenching lines with funny circumstances...." - Cindy Pierre, newtheatercorps

Acting & Drama Classes



Looking at Dancing on Eggshells with a Humanized Abuser by Hannah Murphy

Healing Truth Center presents "Healing, Domestic Violence and the Arts"

A Discussion about "Dancing on Eggshells"




"FIREside Chat with Kevin R. Free"  The Fire This Time Festival (2013)




Quick Silver Theater Company Presents its Citizen One Reading Series




Broadwayworld - Rising Circle Theater Collective Announces 2016 INKTank Lab Playwrights




BlackBoard Plays: September 2016 Feature: Cynthia G. Robinson "When Night Falls"







Broadwayworld - New Perspectives Theatre Company Presents "JUSTIFIED" 




"Peola's Passing" performance in Bogota, Colombia at the Alternative Theatre Festival March 22, 2016 Featuring Emmanuelle Bernard and Hjordy's Matos. Directed by Melody Brooks.




Excerpt from the short play PEOLA'S PASSING by Cynthia Robinson, from its premiere in NPTC's Women's Work Short Play Festival JUSTIFIED in 2012. Featuring Chanel Carroll and Hjordy's Matos. Directed by Melody Brooks.




"Dancing on Eggshells" promo video (2015)

The Billie Holiday Theatre




Broadwayworld- "Dancing on Eggshells" to Premiere at Billie Holiday Theatre




Healing Truth Center presents: Healing, Domestic Violence and the Arts: A Discussion about "Dancing on Eggshells"



Young Howze Journal "Freedom Summer" Review

NewTheaterCorps "Ascension" Review

NYTheatre Review of "Ascension"


Backstage review of "Ascension"


Singing & Dance
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